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If you would like to make and appointment with Aurora please call: (415)-306-2076
Aurora is available Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11am to 8pm.

You can see examples of Aurora's work at her site

Aurora is a master at the art of hair. She has studied from many top stylists, including Martin Parsons, Sonia and Christopher Dove, and Anthony Morrison. She was trained in Fresno Ca. and worked in the Central Valley for the first six years of her career.

After six years in the industry, she was faced with an unsettling dissatisfaction reguarding where she was and where she was heading. If you ask her, she will tell you that nothing spurs change like unhappiness. So, she picked up her bags (and her family), and came to the city she LOVES, San Francisco!!

She has developed a philosophy that tries to reason with the crazy human condition of always admiring what the opposite hair texture posesses. Every hair texture has it's benefits and it's drawbacks. Aurora seeks to teach her clients to revel in their natural texture, and teaches people the best ways to maximize their assets, and minimize their drawbacks.

Aurora does not contest chemically altering the state of someone's hair, understanding her client's need for change. However, she also knows that when that hair grows out, her client will once again be faced with his/her natural texture. She likes her clients to be well equipped for this task.

Aurora's vision is simple: easy to style, sexy, minimal effort hair that makes one look and feel like a million bucks. She often will cut a perfect cut and then deconstruct it, recognizing that hair is art.

Her philosophy is that cut and color work hand and hand, each accentuating the other. She enjoys deep chocolate browns, rich multifaceted reds, and killer vibrant blondes.

When you sit in her chair, she will ask you who you are, and who it is you'de like to project, knowing that the two people can be completely different.

She will welcome you with a warm smile, listen to your life stories, and encourage you to always be the best version of yourself.

"When we pretend we are eighty it makes us grasp the idea of our mortality just that much tighter. And it should force us to reflect and realize how insignificant our daily stresses are. Hopefully, it will lighten our load and bring us to the top of the mountain so that we can realize how fantastic, and how quick the ride really is. I'd rather wake up and be eighty and posess a lifetime of experiences rather than wonder...'Why didn't I do that? (Whatever "that" is for you) What was I so afraid of?' You're five, and then fifteen, and then twenty-five, and then eighty. We all are."
"Why do all of our mirrors magically reflect and magnify only our imperfections? We our are hardest critics, when we feel beautiful, we project confidence and confidence is sexy! Why is it a crime to think that we are the worthy, beautiful creatures that We ARE?"

Aurora Theresa

Aurora Theresa

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