Shapes Studios is committed to providing our clients with an outstanding level of service with pride and expertise.  Our attention to detail with a creative eye for form and function in this nurturing environment makes for an rewarding salon experience. Integrating our beauty and holistic services enhances over all wellness which invites total beauty into one's life

Holistic Healing Services


Aromatherapy & Stress release Meditation  

$35 per  session**
30 min. session laying on a massage table you are guided through a meditation for relaxation with tranquil music and the use of your breath.  Ideal for clearing the mind and bringing calmness to your inner essence.

Sitting Meditation 

$20 per session**
20 min. session in a quiet room with tranquil sounds and the use of your breath to guide you into peace & composure from within.

Energy Balancing & Cleansing 

$60 per session  
50 min. session to attain fluidity to your life momentum with the use of aromatherapy, crystals, sage, laying of the hands on your bodies energy points and tranquil music you will acquire a feeling of balanced energy and produces emotional serenity.

Chakra Balancing 

$60 per session
50 min. session with the use of crystals, visualization, breath work, laying of the hands, aromatherapy and tranquil music, to attain clearing and unclogging of the absorption of negative energy stored in your center energy field, which help break patterns that interfere with your life transformation for genuine access to inner healing.

Acutonics for Energy Balancing

$60 per session** 50 min. session combining aromatherapy, Tuning Forks and sound brings inner healing, emotional serenity and physical vitality by replenishing and aligning the body's energy through the vibrational sounds of the tuning forks. 

Life Coaching for Transformation

$120 per session  
1 1/2 hour sessions which include consulting, meditation, visualization and journal keeping, a service formulated to help you attain your life purpose, healthy relationships, and success to career and life goals. For successful results we recommend a series of six sessions.

Shamanic Journey for Inner Healing and Soul Retrieval

$80 per hour
there are events in our life that effect our deeper essence, through Journey work and Soul retrieval we mend our fragmented pieces to bring wholeness to our well being.

Our Holistic Healing Services may vary in price depending on time and combination of modalities.  

**These services are also offered in 20 minute sessions. 

Some events that frequent our Studios
Life Coaching Seminars
Self healing seminars
Healing events with renowned guest
 Art and Healing workshop
Home made beauty products
Aromatherapy and their uses
Wardrobe Building

Send us your email if you are interested in receiving  updates of upcoming events. 

Each Stylist can be contacted directly for appointments!

Holistic Life Coach/Shamanic Healing Services

    Tereza     Dara Roberts
415 982-0404  415 260-2698            

Stylist/Life Coach & Holistic Healing Stylist/Acutonics 

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Hair Services

Hair Cut

$80 and up

Single Process Color

$75 and up

Full Hi-light

$180 and up

Partial Hi-light

$135 and up

Partial Hi-light w/Tint

$170 and up


$70 and up

Scalp Treatment

$60 and up

Special Occasion Styling


A Holistic Salon

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